War for Peace…

I’m a Pakistani national, and the latest news of bombing in the Five Star Marriot Hotel in the capital city is a shock for us. As almost a month ago I was sitting in the same hotel having dinner with my friends and family.

 After watching close circuit camera recording’s on the TV, which was placed at the main door of the hotel showed how a truck came towards the gait and tried getting in but when refused by the guard a sudden blast occurred

            The truck was loaded with 700 kg of TNT and RDX plus aluminum powder, 1,000 kg of explosives which because of exploding had two reactions: one it made a 25 feet deep and 50 feet wide hole in the ground and secondly the powder was thrown everywhere and caused the fire to go. In this incident about 60 people died including two American nationals. More than 200 people are injured.

As said by the interior minister “we were threatened two day’s ago and we had high alert on all official places but unfortunately the bomb blasted at Marriot hotel”. Due to the highly explosive materials used in the bomb, fire was really hard to extinguish. The fire continued for 16 hrs after the attack and finally went out when it rained in the capital city. 

            Before there were two attacks on this hotel but luckily Marriot was still keeping up with its work but after this attack everything is turned into ashes…

Who were they? Why are they doing all this? Questions and questions keep going in my mind. But as my perspective I think the bomb blasters are not Pakistani nationals as WE are Peace loving people. It’s a war between America and al Qaida and Pakistan is the victim. Secondly Pakistan is the battle field, with so many innocent lives being wasted.  On the other hand sometimes I wonder, Why would any one living in the rocky, isolated mountains and who has never been to America would hate the United States to the extend that he would blow himself along with numerous innocent lives is not understandable, to me at least. It’s high time that the world sociologists, economists and psychologists came up with a workable sustainable program.


May Allah the Almighty keep Pakistan save from its enemies. (Amen)



6 Responses to “War for Peace…”

  1. cul blog entry thing! itz gud dat u got sumthn to write bout! 🙂 wel…wow…da thingz u wrote wer rely interesting…but woaw…as in woaw to wat happend in pakistan…nywayz…hope to c YOUR famouz person thing..hehehe…i rely dnt know wat to write yet…ok..bye! cya around…enjoy eid brek!


  2. kavitkanitkar Says:

    Whoa… that must’ve been really emotional! Nice job! It’s interesting!

  3. sarahburney Says:

    wow! cool post! like the way you describe it! 🙂 … thingz are goin terrible & horrible day by day in Pakistan, wat do you think??
    anwayzz!! I like it! Keep it up!!! 😀

  4. Tathir Abid Says:

    hey…nice article..u really know more politics thn me!!..heheheh..i dnt care abt politics….lolz..ur article is better thn mine..coz it explains everything..heheeh..well..thnx for commenting on my post…:D..cnt wait for more of ur posts…..

  5. Tathir Abid Says:

    hey…howd u get ur “peace for war” before ur comparison???…ive been trying to do tht for me n stuff…bt it wont work..n plus u know u said tht u disagree..the pic is representing ME…heheheh..itz not evey1…jst telling…:D…well tell me how u do tht!!?!?!?!…thnx

  6. saddadhussaini Says:

    nice artical………..realy shoking and amazing news………..lolz……keep up the good work. 😀

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