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Journal Writing

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He tried to remember who had talked him into this. On a sunny morning when Daniel and his friends were out cycling and enjoying the fresh air before going to school, they saw an old man and his wife who had just moved in a small apartment in their neighborhood. He said “What a cute couple” and everyone started laughing. After a few moments of cracking jokes about the old couple Jack told them to set a nice dare on them.  From inside he could see that his friends were going to get him in trouble but he didn’t want to tell his friends fearing to be called a coward.

As he was thinking how to get over this situation Bob suggested that they should dare Daniel to ring the bell of the new arrivals in their neighborhood and run. He made a face trying to tell them, “I can’t do this.” and the next second thing his ears heard was, “Coward”, “Coward”, “Coward”. So to prove that he wasn’t one he decided “I’ll do it.” He went to the old man’s house really quietly, rang the door bell and hurried back to his friends. The old man came out looked here and there and asked if anyone was there. After a few minutes when no one answered, the old man gradually made his way back into the house. All the friends cracked up seeing the old man slowly walking away. Then after some other different dares, they asked Daniel to go and ring the bell again. When he went and rang the door bell, old man came out again but while he was coming out from the door he fell on his back. It panicked everyone and Jack advised to run away. All of them laughed as we they on their bikes, from inside Daniel felt really bad.

The next day while eating lunch Daniel’s mom said that some kids were playing pranks on the new neighbors. The poor old man fell and got wounded while coming out of his house. Daniel felt as is if he was the one supposed to be blamed for all this. He took courage and told his mom that he and his friends were playing around and he had to do a dare that was to go and ring the old couple’s door bell. His mom got red and got furious. Daniel explained that he is ashamed of what he did and promised not to do it again. Daniel’s mom said “Young boy you are grounded for 3 weeks! Okay and for now you have to come with me to the hospital and apologize to the poor old man.”

After one week of being grounded he had learned to care for other people especially for old people. From that day onward Daniel decided not to take part in activities that can harm someone. It was time for his favorite T.V show and as he was grounded. Due to this he had to sit in his room and study. That night Daniel kept thinking who had talked him into this? WHO? Was it his fear of being called a coward or was it his friend’s bad intentions and bad behavior towards the poor old man? At last when the three weeks of being grounded were ended Daniel had learned his lesson and he believed that he wouldn’t do this mistake again.  


mom scolding her child...

mom scolding her child...


Letter back home….~.!.~

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Dearest mom and loved ones,


                   How are you? I hope everything is good and dad is earning enough to feed the family .I also pray that you find a nice guy for my dearest sister. Well I have been brought by the English men on a boat to a place what they call “The new world”. Mom, here I barely get anything and I miss home made food you used to make. Some of my fellows have been brought here as well. A lot of men, women and children died because of malaria and food shortage. And their bodies were given no importance and were thrown in the sea as food for the fish. It’s a great blessing that I am still alive despite the harsh surroundings and the shortage of food.


          I work here on the fields where they grow tobacco, I work days and nights and have lost a lot of weight. My master is really nice. He has given me some place to live and provides me with some clothes and food.


          Me and my fellows who work for the English men will be free after the due time we agreed to work for them, most of us agreed to work for four to five years. After that we might be given some land that we can own later on if we are lucky. Unfortunately most of us would be enslaved for the rest of our lives. Some men like me even ran away because of the harsh treatments given by their masters, but when found were treated really bed, so there is no hope for escape.


          I hope after all the hard wok I get some land then I will call you and dad, so we can live without any rent problem. Today I woke up before dawn and worked really hard. I took some rest and now I am sitting here writing you this letter. I think I should end this letter before my master comes and starts beating me.

          Take care mom and pray that I stay alive and achieve what I came here for.  


    Ever loving,


 Congo working on feilds...

Someone Famous…I would want to meet….IS

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Sarah Palin. .!

Sarah Palin. .!

If I could get a chance to meet someone famous I will love to meet Sarah Palin. Not any rock star or any actor she is a woman with spirits and bravery who is struggling for future with a big smile on her face.


Sarah Louise Heath was born on February 11, 1964, in Sandpoint, Idaho. Currently she is the governor of Alaska, and is a nomine in the 2008 United States vice presidential election and stayed the mayor of Wasilla from 1996 to 2002. Palin is the first woman and the first Alaskan to run on the Republican Party’s vice presidential ticket.


The reason I would like to meet Sarah Palin is that she is a mother of five kids with a joyful smile and has a really nice glow on her face. On the other hand as a professional she is been really tough and has had a hard career full of determination and dynamism that lead her from being a mayor to a governor and now running her tough campaign for the vice president of the united states. And that implies that she will be able to have her influence on the whole world.

Celebration in Self Exile

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After a long month of fasting, we Muslims celebrate for almost three days. This occasion is called “Eid-Ul-Fitar”. Eid day is declared on the sighting of the Moon on the 29th or 30th of Ramadan, as is the practice in the lunar calendar. Moon sighting night called, Chand Rat is full of festivity, and the Eid day is full of activity.


 The night before Eid is called “Chand Raat”, chand meaning the moon and raat the night.  On this occasion we decorate our hands with henna, buy bangles and do last minute shopping. This day is actually for the final preparations for the big day Eid. People greet each other by calling or messaging and in some homes cooking also starts for the morning.


As we live in Saudi Arabia we don’t really feel Eid in its full jubilance. On the other hand, back in my home country we wake up in the morning and have special Eid prayer. Getting dressed and getting money called “Eidee”, from our elders is the most interesting part for children. The child who gets the maximum Eidee is supposed to be the most favorite child. After receiving Eidee we have special desserts called sawaian, made from milk and vermicille, for breakfast. Then the customary visits to the friends, neighbors and relatives’s houses start that continue all day.


Here sitting in Yanbu without your relatives on this special occasion it is kind of boring.

This time on Eid mostly the people we know were off to Makkah and Madinah to pray Eid-Ul-Fitar.  It was just me my mom and my brother. So as anyone can guess how boring it was spending all day at home. Since my father is in Pakistan we felt lonelier. In simple words this felt like having celebration in exile.