Journal Writing

He tried to remember who had talked him into this. On a sunny morning when Daniel and his friends were out cycling and enjoying the fresh air before going to school, they saw an old man and his wife who had just moved in a small apartment in their neighborhood. He said “What a cute couple” and everyone started laughing. After a few moments of cracking jokes about the old couple Jack told them to set a nice dare on them.  From inside he could see that his friends were going to get him in trouble but he didn’t want to tell his friends fearing to be called a coward.

As he was thinking how to get over this situation Bob suggested that they should dare Daniel to ring the bell of the new arrivals in their neighborhood and run. He made a face trying to tell them, “I can’t do this.” and the next second thing his ears heard was, “Coward”, “Coward”, “Coward”. So to prove that he wasn’t one he decided “I’ll do it.” He went to the old man’s house really quietly, rang the door bell and hurried back to his friends. The old man came out looked here and there and asked if anyone was there. After a few minutes when no one answered, the old man gradually made his way back into the house. All the friends cracked up seeing the old man slowly walking away. Then after some other different dares, they asked Daniel to go and ring the bell again. When he went and rang the door bell, old man came out again but while he was coming out from the door he fell on his back. It panicked everyone and Jack advised to run away. All of them laughed as we they on their bikes, from inside Daniel felt really bad.

The next day while eating lunch Daniel’s mom said that some kids were playing pranks on the new neighbors. The poor old man fell and got wounded while coming out of his house. Daniel felt as is if he was the one supposed to be blamed for all this. He took courage and told his mom that he and his friends were playing around and he had to do a dare that was to go and ring the old couple’s door bell. His mom got red and got furious. Daniel explained that he is ashamed of what he did and promised not to do it again. Daniel’s mom said “Young boy you are grounded for 3 weeks! Okay and for now you have to come with me to the hospital and apologize to the poor old man.”

After one week of being grounded he had learned to care for other people especially for old people. From that day onward Daniel decided not to take part in activities that can harm someone. It was time for his favorite T.V show and as he was grounded. Due to this he had to sit in his room and study. That night Daniel kept thinking who had talked him into this? WHO? Was it his fear of being called a coward or was it his friend’s bad intentions and bad behavior towards the poor old man? At last when the three weeks of being grounded were ended Daniel had learned his lesson and he believed that he wouldn’t do this mistake again.  


mom scolding her child...

mom scolding her child...


3 Responses to “Journal Writing”

  1. sarahburney Says:

    good story with moral! Good Job!! 😀

  2. Tathir Abid Says:

    FASCINATING!!!!!!!!!………… 😀

  3. Shan i never knew you are that good.. GREAT JOB. Love you and take care and keep it up. once again WELL DONE

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