Saudi Arabia V.S Massachusetts Bay Colony

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Religion has been a great impact on the various civilizations. E.g. here in Saudi only male members of the royal family run the government similarly in Massachusetts Bay Colony male members were allowed to join the political parties, vote and govern.

The dominant religion in Saudi is Islam, which believes in equality. As a result people from different Ethnic and racial backgrounds come pray together, eat together and share their moments of happiness and sorrow.

The lifestyle of the puritans was a breakage from the firmly established class system of England which was transmitted to the United States also.

Women in both societies obey their husbands, have kids and take care of households. Thus women are not concerned about jobs and professional carriers.  

 Education in both societies is been given a high priority because elders want their children to be able to read their holy books.

Thus, fundamental goodness and qualities are similar in both the societies.



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ThIs Is ShAnZaY.  wElL CoMe BaCk LaTeR aNd LoOk At DifFErEnT InTeReStInG tHiNgZ…..oN mY BlOg! 😀